We Travel Through Time With Our President


On this “Pretend To Time Travel Day”, we thought we’d travel through our our company President’s past, and ask him what he sees for the future of the industry.

“Safety was a low priority,” stated Thomas Chadwick, who co-founded NRG Process Solutions with his sons, Troy and Kyle, in 2006 with the primary objective to create innovative designs for oil and gas production equipment.

Prior to founding NRG in 2006, Thomas started, owned, and operated multiple oilfield manufacturing companies and is the sitting President of all NRG’s affiliated companies.

“There was no such thing as fire-retardant coveralls, or not many hard hats on site either. Concerns for the environment we non-existent when I first started too. Those have only come into place recently.”

NRG President Thomas Chadwick

Chadwick even points out that as recently as last year, things changed. Not only in the Oil & Gas sector, but around the world.

“Safety is now an absolute priority. From what is mandatory to wear on site, to everything that had to be implemented over COVID concerns. We don’t take the health and safety of our workers for granted.”

Now to the future, it’s a mixed bag to our company President.

“I see a lot of opportunity ahead of us, but also a shortage of qualified workers, and supply chains holding up materials and components. Should be interesting.”

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