February Newsletter Updates

Blending butane into commodities such as crude oil, condensate, and gasoline has been successfully employed in North America for many years by producers, mid-stream companies, pipeline companies, and refiners.

The butane injection system design and operation have evolved over time to provide blend commodities that are stable, safe to transport, and meet quality specifications with vapor pressure being the most critical.

  • 2 Phase Separators are used for separating the vapor gas from the liquid in the wellstream emulsion
  • 3 Phase Separators used for separating oil, water & gas
  • Available in horizontal or vertical configuration
  • Custom-built to your size, pressure, and temperature requirements
  • For Sweet or Sour applications

Blending Skids are self-contained, mounted, safe, and efficient solutions for fuel blending that can make a tremendous impact to your bottom line.

Each Blending Skid needs to be designed specifically for the application.

At NRG Process Solutions, we have designed a standard Blending Skid that requires simple modifications to meet your specific application.

Contact us now to discuss your options and requirements!

We are creating innovative energy solutions with wisdom & integrity!

We strive to do things faster, better, and more cost-effective than our competition by utilizing our value-based management, the tenets of the ASME code, coupled with a desire to do a better job for our clients.

NRG Process Solutions designs high-quality process equipment for shorter delivery, and faster at a lower cost!

Your business can’t afford to take chances. You need to be absolutely certain that your equipment has been engineered, designed, and fabricated properly.

An ASME code vessel shop, to deliver what you need.

We design high-quality customized process equipment or an NRG standard stock package for shorter delivery faster at a lower cost.

Single point of contact results in a seamless transition from engineering to our fabrication shops.

We provide project support or specific expertise. We respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of our clients.

Our expertise in modular design further reduces clients’ costs while maximizing safety, quality control, and project flexibility.

Project Managers, Engineers, Designers, and Support Personnel the combined depth of experience, creativity, and synergistic efforts result in innovative, practical energy solutions customized to YOU.

Full packages and modular equipment, no matter the size of YOUR project

We strategically align ourselves with partners to provide our clients with cost and delivery savings through turn-key solutions.

Worldwide delivery on time with global traceability with all logistics and – documentation for YOU!