Connection Between Nobel and the Oil and Gas Industry


When looking at our social media calendar we found an interesting correlation to the industry we currently reside in.

Today, December 10th, is Nobel Prize Day.

The Nobel Prize is handed out annually, honoring men and women for outstanding achievements in various fields; Physics, physiology or medicine, literature and for work in peace. The award is named after Alfred Nobel, known as a chemist, engineer, and inventor also became a wealthy businessman and entrepreneur. Nobel has been credited with inventing dynamite, and worked within the arms sector throughout his life, yet he was very interested in social and peace-related issues.

Within his will, Nobel left the equivalent of $265 Million Dollars to fund the awards that are named after him.

His brothers, Robert and Ludvig, were quite successful as well, according to

During a trip to Baku located on the Caspian Sea, Robert Nobel realized the commercial possibilities of the oil wells in this area. He persuaded his brother Ludvig to join in exploiting the oil wells, and in 1876 they started an oil company called Branobel.

By 1916, it was the largest oil company in Russia, producing 1.2 Trillion kilograms of oil.

Many people don’t know the impact Alfred Nobel had while he was still alive, but are familiar with the awards that are named after him. Even less know the story of his brothers, nor the connection to the Oil and Gas sector.