Closer Look: Cape Manufacturing

Cape Manufacturing Ltd started back in 1984 as Chadco Canada Ltd. The company has changed hands many times (Delaney, IPS, Paintearth, Flint), but is now back in the hands of the original owners.

cape manufacturing

Cape is an ASME ‘U’ Stamp Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Facility. While we manufacture any size of vessel, our competitive advantage is the fact that our facility allows us to build large, heavy pressure vessels.

  • 45,000 Sq Ft of Shop Space
  • 1000,000 Man Hours Available / Year
  • 250 Ton Package Capacity
  • 60 Ton Vessel Rollers
  • Steel Reinforced, 2′ Thick Floors
  • Rail Road Track Assembly Line
  • (2) 20 Ton Shop Cranes
  • On-Site Sandblasting
  • Free Storage for Customers
  • Paint Booth