Packed Treaters

This treater is highly effective in tight emulsions and lower API applications. Similar to the bucket treater, this unit also has an inlet slide. During that process, the majority of the gas is stripped off through the gas dome.

The entrained gas is allowed to break out in the mid-section, which leaves the rear section 100% flooded with oil. The water settles to the bottom of the heated section, while the cleaner, dryer oil rises to the top and spills over the weir. The oil then travels down the NRGMAX water valve and disperses evenly into the packed, secondary treating section of the vessel. The cleaner, dryer oil will rise to the top and exit out the oil collector pipe.

Below are pictures of previous units. The smaller unit with no building is installed at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (S.A.I.T) Calgary campus. We are proud to have the students learn how to operate on one of our treaters. Click here to request a quote.