The NRGMAX Bucket Treater is a conventional horizontal treater with many improvements over other designs. NRGMAX name was derived form the fact that our internal are positioned to maximize hear, capacity and retention time. No threaded connections are on any of our vessels, which allows for a 100% jeep free coating. We offer custom diameters, lengths and pressure. 3-Dimensional drawings are generated for approval prior to packaging. 100% internally coated with Devoe 253. All our our units RT-1 X-Ray and can be Post Weld Heat Treated (PWHT). Firetubes are 100% X-Ray, mag particle inspected and (PWHT). Connections are placed on the vessel to raise or lower the water level, with changing conditions.

Typical Sizes:

72″ x 20′ 75psi / 125psi

96′ x 30′ 75psi / 125psi

96′ x 40′ 75psi / 125psi

102″ x 40′ 75psi/125psi

120″ x 40′ 75psi / 125psi