Over time, sand will accumulate in the bottom of the inlet degasser, free water knockout drums, and treaters. This sand is periodically removed from the vessels. The vessels are equipped with internal jetting nozzles and desand slurry drain nozzles.

The desand jet water pumps sends deoiled produced water to the desand jets inside the vessels. The jetting action fluidizes the sand and the desand slurry drain nozzles draw off the sand. The sand slurry from the inlet degasser is routed to the free water knockout drums. The sand slurry from the free water knockout drums and treaters is cooled by mixing with cold top water and sent to the desand tank.

After the sand settles out in the desand tank, the desand tank decant pump sends the oil to the respective slop tanks or oily water to the skim tanks. The sand is trucked to an approved disposal facility.



A desand system is a type of process equipment used in the oil and gas industry to remove sand and other solids from produced water. Produced water is a byproduct of the oil and gas extraction process, and can contain a variety of contaminants, including sand, silt, and other solids. These solids can cause damage to equipment and reduce the efficiency of production processes, so it is important to remove them from the water stream.

A desand system typically consists of a combination of mechanical and/or hydrocyclonic separation techniques to remove the solids from the water stream. The system is designed to separate the solids from the water and discharge them into a separate stream, while the clean water is returned to the production process.

Desand systems are an important component of the oilfield process equipment, as they help to optimize production and reduce the risk of equipment damage or process interruption. They also help to reduce the environmental impact of the oil and gas industry by removing harmful contaminants from the produced water stream before it is released into the environment.

Overall, a desand system is a crucial component of the oilfield process equipment, and plays an important role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the oil and gas production process.