NRGMAX Bucket Treaters

NRGMAX Bucket Treaters

This is our most popular design of all the NRGMAX Treaters. The most popular sizes are 8′ x 30′ and 10′ x 40, however we have built many custom sizes as per our clients requirements.

Dual Firetube Bucket Treater 1

How it Works:

As the emulsion comes in the unit, it is directed around the firetube via the inlet slide. This allows the free water to avoid contact with the firetube; reducing heat requirements and increasing the lifespan of your firetube.

Gas with the emulsion exits through the top of the slide and is allowed to travel the length of the vessel. There re coalescer baffles at the end of the firetube which allows the clean try oil to immediately pass to the oil box, while wetter oil is forced down a longer path, increasing the retention time for the oil that needs it. There is a water valve integral to the design which forces the emulsion up and around the first coalescer plate. Click here to request a quote.