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Cape Manufacturing Ltd started back in 1984 as Chadco Canada Ltd. The company has changed hands many times (Delaney, IPS, Paintearth, Flint), but is now back in the hands of the original owners.

Cape is an ASME 'U' Stamp Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Facility. While we manufacture any size of vessel, our competitive advantage is the fact that our facility allows us to build large, heavy pressure vessels.

  • 45,000 Sq Ft of Shop Space
  • 1000,000 Man Hours Available / Year
  • 250 Ton Package Capacity
  • 60 Ton Vessel Rollers
  • Steel Reinforced, 2' Thick Floors
  • Rail Road Track Assembly Line
  • (2) 20 Ton Shop Cranes
  • On-Site Sandblasting
  • Free Storage for Customers
  • Paint Booth

golf-logoToday, Thursday June 15th 2017 the 11th annual Oilmen's Golf Tournament will be held at the Strathmore Golf and Country Club. NRG Process Solutions has sponsored hole 9 and is bringing Animal Rescue Foundation to fund-raise for their new Pad 4 Paws. Their mission is to rescue stray and unwanted animals from first nations reserves while introducing programs to reduce pet over population. You can learn more about ARF at See the other fundraising NRG & Cape have done for ARF here and here.

NRG was happy to donate a custom built ARF dog house to their annual charity golf tournament. Learn more about ARF at


NRG is pleased to unveil a digital version of our Equipment List which contains all of our Stock & Short Delivery Items. Please 'Click to Read' to view a full screen version of our publication.


NRG had a great time at the 2015 Global Petroleum Show this year. It was great to reconnect with familiar faces as well as meet a bunch of new ones.

Our flagship product is NRGMAX Treaters. Ever wonder how a Treater even works?

Check out this new video which explains the different types of treaters and how they work!

To learn more about our Treaters & Free Water Knock Outs visit our Information Pages.

To see our Treater Inventory see our inventory section.

Cape 2

Cape 1

sait installation
In partnership with Oilpro: Oilfield Production Equipment, NRG Process Solutions designed and supplied S.A.I.T. Polytechnic with one of our NRGMAX "Packed" Treaters. It is a 42" x 10' x 100psi (model 4210100).

How it Works

When the emulsion comes in through the inlet, it goes through the inlet schroud, which directs the free water and emulsion around the firetube. This ensures the burner capacity is only used to heat the oil emulsion, which makes it highly efficient. During the process, the majority of the gas is stripped off through the gas dome. The entrained gas is allowed to break out in the mid-section, which leaves the rear section 100% flooded. The water settles to the bottom while the cleaner, dryer oil rises to the top and spills over the weir. The oil then travels down the NRGMAX Water Valve and disperses into the packed, seconday treating section of the treater. The cleaner, dryer oil will rise to the top and exit out the oil collector pipe. This treater is highly effective in tight emulsions and lower API applications; although S.A.I.T is using clean fry oil to demonstrate to students how it works.

New Firetube Technology Installed

firetube 2 firetube 1

The BTUMAX Thermal Syphon Tube Heat Exchanger is installed in place of a traditional firetube. This firetube is currently patent pending and is the first of its kind to be installed. This heat exchanger fits into the standard oval shape of a traditional firetube opening. However, it utilizes more surface area for flame to contact than the industry standard style firetube. We expect this new design can offer as much as a 50% increase in available BTUs.

The design also incorporates vertical tubes that circulate the fluid via the principle of thermal syphon and thus adding a new process to the treating of fluid. This also increases the heat exchange process even more. The circulation is done without the use of a pump. This process means dynamic heat exchange is utilized as opposed to static heat exchange.

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