Widely used In the oil & gas industry, pressure vessels are typically designed to isolate and separate the flows of gas, water and oil. Pressurized oilfield storage tanks are used to hold fluids under pressure that are critical to a wide variety of applications. Given the importance of pressure vessels to operations, a discussion about high pressure vessel design considerations is useful.

Key Information about Pressure Vessels


Pressure vessel design must meet the standards defined by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The ASME has developed wide-reaching standards for oil and gas production equipment, some of which apply specifically to pressure vessel design. Engineering teams must consult the ASME on any pressure vessel design projects.

Understand Requirements

Not all high pressure vessel design is equal – nor should it be. Pressure vessels should be designed to suit the exact operating conditions they will be functioning under. The failure of pressurized oilfield storage tanks is very dangerous, and it is important that tanks are able to exceed minimum operating conditions. High pressure vessel design that aims to repurpose existing tanks should carefully assess the strength and condition of a vessel before using it for another application.

NRGPS considers the following options when producing pressure vessels for your next oilfield equipment project.

Opening Mechanism

Pressure vessel design should take into account access to the inside of the tank. At times the tank will need to be opened to fix things such as gauges and piping, and may also require cleaning. Depending on a pressure vessels’ intended use, it is important to design an access mechanism that will allow maintenance staff to get inside the vessel.

Pressure vessel design plays an important role in the oilfield. Oil and gas production equipment often rely on pressurized fluids. It is important to design and build pressurized oilfield storage tanks that are well suited to their intended use to ensure safety and performance.

With a variety of experiences in manufacturing and design pressure vessels for valued partner worldwide, we are able to custom design pressure vessels based on your specifications and oilfield equipment project requirements.

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